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E-mail security Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Email is critical to your business so let’s see how you can protect it. Most people do rely entirely on their email especially company, but only a few of them work to defend it.

Cybercriminals attempt to connect on to a company’s email server. If you have IP address limitations, then it would be extraordinarily helpful. These restrictions place a boundary on the list of connectors to associate on the mail server. Therefore, attackers have a tough time attempting to search out that the e-mail server software system you run. This sort of protection helps you hide all of your vulnerabilities. But first of all, you need to understand is what are those email security dangers that can harm your business.

Thierry Levasseur

Email Security Dangers

1. Spam/Viruses

You don’t need to give up your email address willingly to receive spam messages. There are many ways that spam messages can harm you and it can even take control of your device, and you cant to stop it. If you are receiving a junk message is the threat of viruses and malware, so you want to do anything you want to protect yourself from this.

2. Identity Theft

Having your identity stolen is one of the worst things that anyone could imagine. The theft can use your identity to cause all kind of problems to you. Standard email is unfortunately open to this, but the great inventors like Thierry LeVasseur are working to build a secure network in an email which is entirely under controlled.

3. Message Modification

Message modification is one of the worst things ever imagined. Your message is intercepted before it arrives at the desired destination and it is modified. What kind of damage could that do to your business you need to protect yourself.

4. Unprotected Backups

Backup your emails are the most essential to your buisness, and if your email backups are unprotected, then you will learn a risk of losing emails. A secure email system developed by Thierry LeVasseur will safeguard you against all these threats.

5. Phishing E-mail

Phishing emails are growing more common every passing day. But can you tell the difference between a phishing email and a legitimate email? 93% of people including professional experts cannot. And if you think that firewall can protect you from this phishing emails? Architecturally, it cannot hold the email during analysis.

Meanwhile, some of the most significant threats like ransomware are delivered to the end users, and you are just one click away from dealing with the dangerous situations. A little carelessness can bring down the reputation of your firm. Are you willing to take such huge risk?

Thierry Levasseur

The Secure electronic mail system

Thierry LeVasseur is one who has created the most secure email system which ensures your data protection. The embodiments of security system include many features including tracking of emails where it comes from and identifying how others have responded to that particular email. If you are more curious about the email security, then you can also check the submitted patents & publications featuring Thierry LeVasseur work in digital security.