New SEO Advantage for Blogger Blog.

Blogger is one of the leading blog programs that commonly used by all bloggers especially to those people who started in blogging or experts bloggers.

It’s good to start Blogger if you’re new in blogging since it’s user-friendly. Other than that, you can redesign your template without premium unlike to WordPress. But the disadvantages of Blogger, it’s not an SEO-friendly unlike to WordPress that they have a lot of SEO plugin especially if you’re a premium user.
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The good thing about now, Blogger introduce their great new SEO options. Where you can add the option such as meta tags, errors and redirection and crawlers acorn de xing. When enabling the options mentioned earlier, search description and custom robots tags also appear for each post. On this, you can some search report that can be used to make your post easier to search.

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Here is the list of the great new SEO features for Blogger:

1. Blog Description – a self-explanatory. Just your blog description and limited to 150 characters only.
2. Post Description – It will only appear if you set-up your blog description. You can add a post description.
3. Custom 404 Error Page – You can customise the message if the page doesn’t exist.
4. Redirects – You can redirect your page to another
5. Alt and Title tags for Images – you can quickly add alt and title tags for each image included in your blog post.

But when it comes to blogs there might be some demerits for blogging your content here you can find it out.

Do you accept guest posts on your blog? Your guest post did correctly it will going work. You can get some tips on how to get benefited by accepting guest posts and avoid disadvantages of allowing guest posts.

Accepting guest posts on your website can score valuable content which will add value and traffic to your blog if they do make correctly and carefully. Here are some tips that will make or accept guest posts without affecting the search engine ranking of your blog.

1. Do not allow small posts. Ask the guest bloggers to write quality articles with minimum 600 words. That is way; you are getting some valuable content when you enable them to link to their website and take away some of your SEO services
2. Carefully review the guest posts and make sure they maintain the high quality of output.
These are some of the tips regarding SEO blogers blog.


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