Fishing in Chile on the cheap.

To a fly fisher, Chile is the Shangri-La of the trout fishing career. It’s one of those places most of us have to wish to visit once in our lifetime. Being no different than any other red-blooded fly fisher, I desired Chile on my index of places fished. There’s no restriction for Fishing in Chile. In Patagonia, most of the lodges charge you around $500 per day based on double occupancy, but the Best Fly Fishing Lodges offer cheaper rates as compared to other hostels in Chile. It’s a great deal in Chile.

Where to go?

Chile is a long narrow country stretching south in Terra Del Fuego. The fly fishing division of the country begins near Puerto Montt and continues to the south. That covers a lot of miles. Many peoples do the internet search, and Jan’s advice both recommended that the area around Coyhaique should be their destination. But Nervous Waters have years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers in Fly Fishing in Chile.

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Coyhaique has many properties that make it the ideal base station to have Fly fishing. The three main considerations are the size of the city (approximately 40,000); daily air service less than 30 miles away; and the wide variety of fishing options within 2 hours drive of Coyhaique.

Going there.

Many airlines fly to Santiago, Chile. Then from Santiago, you’ll have two options with you to go to Coyhaique. The quickest way to get to Coyhaique is to fly from Santiago to the area’s regional airport Balmaceda by Puerto Montt, a flight of just over 2 hours. The approximate trip ticket is only up to $600. Other smaller airline’s such as Sky Airline, also flies between Santiago and Balmaceda. Its fare is usually lower, but they don’t come up on web searches as they are local airlines of Balmaceda, and their website is in the Spanish language; however, you can request for an English Speaking agent if you are thinking to call them.

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Where to stay in Chile?

Chile has a broad range of lodging choices, including hotels, cabins, and private rooms. But if you are visiting Chile with your with family is annoying to hire a private room. And the hotels in Chile has a very high rate. But thanks to Nervous Waters the best Fly Fishing Lodges they have very cheaper rates as compared to other hotels for lodging in Chile.

Where to fish?

You can have your fishing in the rivers and streams or even in the lakes. But here in Chile Nervous Waters will arrange all the necessary things which you’ll be needing while fishing and they will organise your fishing trip too.